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Donation Store Will Be Getting Updated From 26th Of July Till The 7th Of August!


SERVER: Survival SUBJECT: Survival Server

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Mon at 11:59  -  FixedImportantNoticeSurvival

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

We are now back online and we have fixed the bug if this does happen again the Survival Server will be closed until we announce it is open again on the website.

-----------------------------------==============={ Update }===============-----------------------------------

Hello, Minecrafter's

As some of you know we have found a huge bug in the survival server that has tipped the economy Everyone over $30,000 Will be set at $30,000 This is because of what happened twice last night we are looking into what caused this but we have no leads we are very sorry for the downtime and are working on it. If anyone knows how this issue developed please PM me or comment on the post so we can get a fix in place to re-open the server

Thanks Pro_Miner909 Head-Admin 

kingalle7 Member R.I.P. 400k i will miss you
Pigbull320 Server Build weird, i seem to not be able to join any server, including survival.. most be a bug... hint hint wink wink...

Hello, Users!

We think it's time to get creative and release what you are made of. We are throwing a contest to win a FREE Donator rank

What do we have to do?

All you have to do is build a great build such as a house or hotel etc.... 

How do I show a staff member?

Post here --->


END DATE: 7th August 

Reward Supporter Rank This will be added to ALL Servers


Price: 25 USD

7 Sethomes
/chest 3 Rows
/SpeedBoost 1-4Gives the player speed boost (faster running)
/JumpBoost 1-4Gives the player jump boost (higher jumping)
/Haste 1-4Gives the player haste (faster digging)
/ci (Clears Your Inventory Staff Will Not Help If You Cleared It By Accident)
/Disguise (Cow, Sheep,Pig,Sheep,Squid,Chicken,Rabbit,Blaze,Creeper) (Disguises Coming Soon)
/Ptime (Changes it to day or night MOBS WILL STILL SPAWN ONLY AT NIGHT IN GAME)
Ability To Mine Spawners
Ability To Create Coloured Signs
/Nick (No Colour) (Abuse Of This Will Result In The Staff Team Removing Access For /Nick From You!)
Access To The Server When It Is Full
/Kit Supporter (Usage Every 2 Days)
Iron Helmet EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Chestplate EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Leggings EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Boots EnchantedProtection 2Unbreaking 2
Iron Sword EnchantedSharpness 2Unbreaking 2
8 Steak
16 Oak Logs
8 Iron Ingots
4 Gold Ingots

Pigbull320 Server Build My build ...
NeonLights02 Member
NeonLights02 @ Survival
My build on
NeonLights02 Member
NeonLights02 @ Survival

SERVER: All Servers SUBJECT: Voting

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Jul 22, 15

Hello, Its Pro here 

Am just letting you all know from 11 AM GMT+0100 the whole network will be in maintenance mode as our voting has broken. We expect this issue to be fixed by 11:30 am or 12 am latest 1 am

The WantedCraft Dev Team Apologizes For The Disruption 

SERVER MAINTANENCE - 21nd 22rd July 2015 WANTEDPVP Factions ONLY!

Hello, Minecrafters

On the 22nd and 23rd wanted factions will be whitelisted for makeover this means we will be adding new kits changing kits and how much money you get and adding a few more hardcore features. We are doing this because the factions server hasn't been changed in months and we have had a lot of requests to do something like this. 

Ideas from Styzx

''Warzone: In the warzone turn off mob spawns and add some hills / buildings to it so it not only look more appealing but also so players can PVP there

Anti-Spam: The whole " Do not repeat the same command or similar command is really annoying and I've seen a lot of players complain about it. At most only make it so commands can be repeated such as /back or /fix.
Only block when players repeat the same text over and over such as
Things like that

New Kits and Kit names: This ones is personally least important, but it's nice to change things once in awhile.We've had these kit names for quite some time and new ones would be really cool in my opinion.

Shop/Economy: So I've seen a lot of players complain about how everything is so expensive You should lower shop prices and such to a lower amount so all players can afford or going back to topic 3 lower the money in kits and make a kit farm so players starting out can have farm materials so they can earn some quick cash and all that jazz.


The tab bar and stats: So you that guy thing on every players screen that tells you
- your money
- your kills / deaths
- how many people are on
Yeah, that thing. It should be removed. I feel it just gets in the way of the players and I've noticed something wrong with it as well the kills and deaths counter will mess up and give someone more deaths when they log on but soon fix its self.
As for the tab list, you should make it so that every server has it's own rather than how it is now. It would make things a lot less confusing and you could even have the donators names in the color of their rank example
My rank is wolf (yellow) so my name would be yellow
Default members can be gray or white preferably white


PVP death msg: So in chat when a player is killed it will say so and so was killed by so and so
make it like this example
pro_miner was killed by Styzx using diamond sword
And if a player has a named sword it will say whatever they named their sword example
pro_miner was killed by Styzx using Sacks of Potatoes
something like that would be cool

The Website This one is short and simple on the forums if a player is a donator make it so under their name when they post it says their Main rank meaning the prefix they have in game


Servers Rather than have a creative or op factions server replace one of them with a pure pot PVP server like a practice PVP server where players can practice for the factions server

That's all I think should be changed / fix If these are done it will make the server more welcoming and more fun to play on''

We will be thinking about a lot of the ideas suggested here and will try to make them happen 

If you have any more ideas comment them below!

Styzx Member Eyyy ...
kingalle7 Member Will we still have our bases?

Creative Server

Pro_Miner909 aHead-Admin posted Jul 12, 15

Hello, We are looking into the creative server has we have had a lot of reports that the creative server is down and when will it be coming back up

At this moment in time, We don't have an idea when the creative server will come back online. We are working as hard as we can to solve this issue and will have it up in the next week, but that means we will have to completely reset everything. We are trying to fix the server without wiping all the lovely builds that are on there.  



We have found the problem on the creative server that bring the server to a halt and have now fixed it! We are currently uploading the server files and will have the server back online shortly!

The Creative Server Is Back Online


Thanks for your time

Pro-Miner909 Head-Admin

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