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WantedPvP Suggestions
yomama362 Admin posted 1 month ago.

As most of you probably know, we are attempting to bring back old wanted. Wanted use to be a “Hardcore PvP” server yet some of those features have been lost for over a year. So we want your help! If you remember much from the timeframe when wanted was classified as a “Hardcore PvP” server then please remind us under the suggestions thread about those glory days and how we can revert back. If you aren’t from that time in Wanted’s history don’t fret! We are also looking for some new and interesting suggestions to help WantedPvP. All the support from the community has been fantastic these past few days so lets keep it going. Also, if there are any bugs in game that we might not possibly know about then please let us know on these forums so they can hopefully be patched asap.

WantedPvP Staff~
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Hello WantedPvP Community!

While we're still working hard to iron out some bugs since reset, we hope everyone has been enjoying 1.8 and some of our updated features. We appreciate all of your suggestions and have been discussing them as a group. Thank you for all of your support. We hope to have everything running smoothly within a reasonable time frame. Please know that there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes to fix anything that is not working quite right. We'd like to hear what you DO love. Tell us in the comments below what parts of this reset you are enjoying and that we should keep. 
Some quick reminders:
1. For the time being, Please store your armor and valuables in a chest before logging out as there have been some issues with people becoming unable to warp or place/break blocks, then dying and losing their items when logging out. We are aware of this problem and are working fo fix it as soon as possible. We will keep you updated. The best way to protect your things is to keep them in your chest. If this happens to you, feel free to post in the forums under: Bugs. (Name, When did this happen, Describe the problem in detail, what you were doing, pvp, mining, tping, Etc., and where you were at the time). This information will help us figure out exactly what is going wrong and will also help us know when it is fixed.

2. Feel free to message staff on the server with comments, concerns, questions, etc. (Or just to say hi!) However, anything non-urgent should be posted in the forums as it gives us the opportunity to read it in full and reduces the risk of it getting lost in the abyss of wanted chat. We want to make sure we address all of your questions.

3. If you have applied for staff on the website and have not heard anything, it does not mean we are ignoring you. We want to be sure things are running smoothly without major bugs before we take the time to hire new staff. Please be patient and try to avoid asking us about your application in chat (Unless you are having difficulty applying or aren't sure where to do so).


We have talked (and heard) a lot about how much people loved this server in years past. Some of you have been with Wanted for the long haul and we'd love to hear about your experiences. How long have you been with Wanted? This is your chance to brag!

Post your screen shots and videos of good times on the server. Tell us about your old factions, your unraidable bases, your success raiding someone's "unraidable" base. Let this new forum section be a place to reconnect with old members and reminisce about good times. It will also give us some good ideas about what made it so great and how we can make it better now. How can we bring back wanted the way you remember it?

Spread the word. Let's see how many old spawns we've got pictures of!

Our voting contest is beginning again. In fact it has already begun. As of February 1st, you are all competing for some awesome prizes. Just vote for the server by clicking the Vote link above or typing /vote in game.

When the month is over, prizes will be given for first, second, and third place voters. If you are not able to donate, this is your chance to get some good loot for free. Here are the prizes for February:

1st Prize:
1 Kit Enderdragon
1 FREE medium buy base (good for this map only)
2nd Prize
I Kit Enderdragon (one time)
1 FREE small buy base (good for this map only) 
3rd Prize
1 Kit Enderdragon (one time)
1 FREE tiny buy base (good for this map only)

Not to mention, you will get your head added to the Voting Hall of Fame (coming soon at spawn).

It has only been 5 days but as of right now, the leaders are:
Markie4402 (14 votes)
Zaccoon123 (12 votes)
Jnutty03 (11 votes)

If you haven't started voting yet, get going! There is plenty of time to catch up.
Good luck!

Also, we want your opinion on a old spawn.
Was this spawn really liked? Comment below!
WantedPvP Staff
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Hello all!

It has been a lot of work but WantedPvP 1.8 is finally ready for release!

Once this reset happens, the current ban list will be cleared! (Besides obvious exceptions like DDoS threats and Chargeback). We have also implemented some new features:

New Anti-Hack 
Updated and accurate Buycraft 
Faction Wars
1.8 Support (No more crashing in 1.8!)
Revamped spawn with some fun surprises
Server Stability 
Reliable DDos Protection 
New voting contest with monthly prizes awarded to our Top Three Supporters
Regular communication, updates, and events
Auto-restart to prevent unncessary lag
Many more needed improvements

We have tried to make this our best reset yet and for our server to be the best that it can be. We hope we have delivered. So, please get the word out to all of your friends that this is happening. 

We need your feedback! We will be keeping a close eye on the forums so please don't forget to report any bugs to us (in proper format) and/or ask any questions you may have. Our staff will do their best to respond to your posts as soon as possible.

So Good Luck and Happy PvPing!

Wanted PvP Staff
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Beta Testers!
TheMinerKitten Owner posted 4 months ago.
I'm in need of a couple of beta testers for some upcoming things. If you're interested, comment on this post. 
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TheMinerKitten Owner posted 6 months ago.
Hello Wanted!

For this month of September we've broken over 3 thousand total votes in just 12 days!
That deserves a giveaway for everyone but unfortunately, that wouldn't be possible. :(

Time to announce the winners of the month of September. They will recieve a unique coupon code for our webstore, http://buy.wantedcraft.net that will offer purchases of
$50 for 1st Place
$25 for 2nd Place
$25 for 3rd Place

They however cannot win in the giveaway for the month of October. This doesnt not mean that they cannot win for November and so forth. 

So after all the waiting:

First: Simpan13337
Second: zachlovelle
Third: Juibi

To the winners: you will recieve a PM on the website and mail sent to your account in-game with the coupon codes. It can only be used ONCE and only ONCE. Thanks for supporting us!

** If a player is banned and is in the top three voting spots, they will be skipped. **

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TheMinerKitten Owner posted 6 months ago.
Hello Wanted!

The top three voters of the month of September will get a free giftcode for our webstore. 

First Place: $50
Second Place: $25
Third Place: $25

I hopefully would like to host a giveaway every month. Get voting!
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TheMinerKitten Owner posted 6 months ago.
Hello Wanted!

DONT FORGET TO VOTE! http://wantedcraft.net/vote

From what you can see, the website probably looks mildly similar and different than what it was before. You can also probably notice that you dont have an account registered. 
We completely recoded the software in this update (v6). Thanks to our amazing developer. Our old version of the website was not remotely compatatible with this one so we had to readjust and add everything freshly. We apologize for the inconvinience of making a new account but it's worth the new and improved website. :)

New Completely recoded the software.
New Added UUID support.
New Admin panel.
New Voting system.
New Optimized servers.
New New everything!
Fixed Mailing system.
Fixed Make views work in forums.
Fixed Add it so they cant delete the original forum thread post.
New Add language support for the plugin.
New Recent posts module.
New Make a tooltip showing the full string, on the 3 dots when trimming a string.
New Allow ability for users to change their own timezone.
Fixed Allow only alpha-numeric characters in forum category titles.
New Ability to tag people with @ and link to there profile.
Fixed Make optimized system for votes.
Fixed Read line breaks on the vote rewards text.
New Add active progress bar to the query box online players, or make it a option to be used/not used
Fixed Mobile menu bug.
New Members page.
New Make plugin automatically update.
New SEO Optimizations.
New Many improvements on the search system.
Fixed Problem with bbcode youtube frame
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ikolatronic_PR, advertising your staff app actually decreases any chances you had of being accepted.
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